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Independent visiting

Reconstruct offers Independent visitors to children and young people in care and care leavers. We have been working with young people for over 30 years providing Independent Visitors, volunteers who are recruited, trained and supported by us.

What is an Independent visitor?

Independent Visitors are adults who offer support to children and young people living with a foster family or in residential care. They are independent from social services and are here just for YOU!

What will I do with my Independent visitor?

We make sure you have an Independent Visitor who is right for you, you can plan your activities together – perhaps undertake sports or a hobby? Or just catch up in a café over a cup of hot chocolate every month?

What is the role of an independent visitor?

  • Reconstruct Independent Visitors are caring, fun and trustworthy adults.
  • They take you out and spend quality one to one time with you. You get to go to interesting places and try new activities.
  • You get to choose the things you do together. Independent Visitors will encourage and support you.
  • You get to choose the things you do together. Independent Visitors will encourage and support you.
  • They will help you plan for your future and teach you independent skills.
  • They are good role models and can listen and give advice when you need it.
  • Our Independent Visitors do not judge.
  • Independent Visitors do not tell other people what you have spoken to them about unless they are concerned for your safety or the safety of another young person.

How can I get an Independent visitor?

You can ask your social worker, or someone you trust to contact us on your behalf, or you can self-refer too. To find out who your Independent provider is visit

If you are part of Brighter futures for children, Bristol, Milton Keynes, South Gloucestershire, we are your provider contact us on 0800 3891 571 or email

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