Reconstruct UK


Available as a contracted service or on an ad-hoc basis, we offer a variety of Advocacy services for all children who are looked after or are care leavers. Our support services cover looked after children and child protection advocacy to ensure children and young people’s support needs are met, no matter their circumstances. Our services include:


  • Children, foster carers, social workers, birth family or other professionals can refer a young person to our service.
  • Advocates support children around their meetings – looked after reviews, PEPs, risk of placement breakdown meetings etc.
  • Advocates support young people to have their wishes and feelings heard.
  • Advocates support informal problem solving and help prevent concerns turning into complaints.
  • All young people wishing to make a complaint can be referred to the service and offered an advocate.
  • All young can be offered an advocate if they are not participating or attending their LAC Reviews.
  • Our advocates will strive to empower young people to make better decisions by listening and responding to children.


  • We make this service available to all children aged 10 or over, subject to an initial child protection conference.
  • Children under 10 can also be offered the service at the Chair’s discretion.
  • Younger siblings of a child 10 or over who has an advocate can also have an advocate if they wish.
  • If the child or chair requests a service for review conferences this will also be offered.
  • Our advocates can support children to attend their conferences, to send in their wishes and feelings or to have their advocate attend on their behalf.
  • Our advocates will also speak to them after the conference and feedback.
  • Referrals to this service are made through the safeguarding admin teams or directly from CP Chairs.
  • The note takers receive copies of children’s views and feelings report (with their permission) to go on the child’s file.
  • Reconstruct will send copies of any completed feedback forms from children to the notetakers for the child’s file.


We are a leading provider of independent visiting for looked after children and young people across the UK. We offer young people within the care of a local authority the opportunity to build a long term, trusting, one to one relationship with a reliable, committed adult role model.

What our Independent Visitors do:

BEFRIEND: Visit a child on a regular basis, usually once a month, to befriend them.

ADVISE: Provide Looked After Children with someone to talk to who is independent of the local authority.

SUPPORT: Provide a consistent and reliable adult with a view to building a trusting and positive relationship with the child.

DEVELOP: Provide a child with the opportunity to try new activities and spend time away from their placement.


We make this service available to all children aged 10 or over, subject to an initial child protection conference.

  • Children, carers and professionals can make a referral.
  • Visitors are independent from social services.
  • Activities during visits can range from going out for food, to the cinema, playing sport, to arts and crafts.
  • Young people in care have many changes but they can have the same visitor until they turn 18.
  • Young people tell us that having a visitor is a rewarding and positive experience that has benefitted them in many ways.


Transitioning out of care and into independence can present a number of challenges – from financial and next steps, whether that be work or education, through to social, emotional and much more.

Our Mentors support care leaver in developing their confidence and skills required to live independently, and if required, can advocate on their behalf at meetings or appointments.

Our service is available in six monthly blocks at a fixed price per young person.

Our mentoring services include:

  • One-to-one young-person-centred mentoring for 17-24-year-old young people.
  • Mentors work with young people to build self-confidence, resilience, independence and life skills. Young people are supported out of NEET.
  • Young people have access to drop-in peer support sessions and access to a Freephone helpline.
  • We will work with local authority and partnership agencies to sign post and enable young people to engage with appropriate services.
  • We will work with you but maintain our independence to achieve better outcomes for your care leavers.


Our Participation Services are designed to ensure that the collective voices of children and young people in care are used to inform the design, delivery and evaluation of services to children in care and care leavers of the Authority and partner agencies.

We involve children and young people in the design, delivery and implementation of services which affect and impact their lives, helping them in playing an important role to ensure better outcomes for their future. Our teams support conversations between children who are in care and those who provide services via dedicated children in care councils, as well as forums and panels.

Our service is available in six monthly blocks at a fixed price per young person.

Our participation services include:

  • Work alongside partners in promoting young people’s active participation at a regional and national level;
  • Convene monthly meetings of the CiC Council;
  • Promote primary school aged children in care;
  • Provide consultancy support to the continued development of participation amongst care leavers;
  • Ensure that a young person is supported to represent the children in care and care leaver population at each Corporate Parenting Panel meeting and for the Provider to attend themselves, engaging with the wider group of elected members as requested;
  • Prepare and support a wide group of children in care and care leavers to contribute to interview panels, staff training, inspections and development of time limited projects.