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Reconstruct offers advocacy services to children and young people in care and care leavers to support getting your voice heard.

What is an advocate?

Advocacy allows you to have your views, wishes and feelings heard when important decisions are being made that will affect your life.

You have a right to be listened to and have your views taken seriously. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express how you feel, and you may think that your voice isn’t getting heard.

Our Advocates are here to support this, they will be on your side and do not work for Carers or Children Services – they are here just for you!

What does an Advocate do?

Advocates are independent and do not work for your carers or children’s services. They are only there for you and are completely independent and are always on your side.

They do not make decisions for you, offer legal advice or give personal opinions but what they do is:

  • Support you to speak up for yourself
  • Support writing letters and making phone calls
  • Explain the situation and why certain decisions are being made
  • Support and challenge any decisions you want started, stopped or changed
  • Explain what your choices and legal rights you are entitled to
  • Attend meetings and reviews with you or attend on your behalf
  • Support you to understand your rights and have a say in the plans that are being made about you
  • Support you to make a formal complaint

How can I get an advocate?

You can ask your social worker, or someone you trust to contact us on your behalf, or you can self refer too. To find out who your advocacy provider is visit

If you are part of Brighter futures for children, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Milton Keynes, South Gloucestershire, we are your provider contact us on 0800 3891 571 or email

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